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Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri

March 29, 1919 – February 01,2011


There was nothing extraordinary in her, at least by her generation’s standard. She was devoted to her family, like any other mother of her age. Has never thought about her own comfort and happiness- the family always came first. Seven days a week, 365 days a year, she served us from early morning to late night! Never complained! Raised her six children in the remote village of Halalhali in Tripura, gave them education. Loved them always, unconditionally- like any other mother of her generation. Being the youngest, I probably gave her much more than her fair share of grief but who cared! I got anything I wanted from her! Never during her lifetime, I have wondered how much and how great was that sacrifice, how difficult it had been when my father passed away, how lonely she was mentally, even being amongst all of us! Now as the days go by and I introspect- I wonder, did I do everything I could for her or could I make it better? I know, I will never get those answers. She, like any other mother, did not complain about anything! How little was the requirements, how down to earth was the lifestyle! I just wish, I could make her know, somehow, that I miss her, terribly!

Love You, Maa!

— Dr. Swapan Chaudhuri, MD