General Category

Special rules and regulations and guidelines for participation in the General Category.

Based on popular demand, we are going to open for the first time, the ‘General Category’ to all – for APCMPC 2019. Unlike other categories, it will not be restricted to the people of Tripura only. This is done purely on an experimental basis. We reserve the right to make it restricted again only to the people of Tripura as it was, anytime.

Please read carefully.

1. The Grand prize of Rs: 1,00,000.00 will be given to the winner from the General Category only.

2. The General Category will be “theme based photo story” only.

3. The participant will choose his/her theme.

4. Minimum of a 3 and maximum of 10 images will be accepted. They have to be on the same theme and story.

5. Black and white (B/W) / color / and a mixture of these are acceptable. (e.g. One may submit some B/W and some color images on the same theme)

6. Photographs must be Hashtagged with the theme name.

7. Nude/Seminude/Boudoir/Provocative/Vulgar images will not be accepted. 

8. The administrators will have the absolute right to accept or reject any image without giving any reason. The decision will be final and binding and will not be challengeable in a court of Law.

9. The admins reserve the right not to award the Grand prize to anyone if at least 50 (fifty) submissions are not received.

    In that case, other prizes will be awarded based on single images as previous years. In that case, all entries will be considered as single images and judged as such – like other categories.

     Also, the Grand prize may not be awarded if the submitted images do not meet the minimum quality as per the judges.

Please read the details of our Rules and Regulations before submitting.


Disclaimer: –

                We are not professionals. We are just passionate photographers trying to inspire others to create through the art of photography. There may be loopholes in our rules and inconsistencies may be there. We reserve the right to change the rules anytime to refine our competition. We will always try to be honest and fair.

If you notice any inconsistencies or any contradiction, please bring it to our attention.

Special issues for outsiders contesting in General category.

1. Any photographer from anywhere can participate.

2. Only one theme/story based submission per contestant (3 to 10 images).

3. Winners from outside of Tripura will be notified in advance via facebook message.

4. Winner of Grand Prize and the 1st/2nd/3rd prize winners will have to be personally present at the award ceremony in Agartala, Tripura, India at his/her own cost.

5. The winner will have to produce 2 pieces of identity – which may include

a. Passport

b. Aadhar Card (for Indians only)

c. Valid Driving license

d. Employer issued ID Card

Based on our judgement, we may accept one piece of photo ID as proof from an Indian photographer. All foreigners will have to produce two pieces of ID one of which must be a valid passport.

6. Irrespective of the country of residence of the winners, the prize money will be paid in INR with a crossed check. (A/c payee)

7. It will solely be the responsibility of the winners to convert the prize money to his/her choice of currency (if applicable).