Our Judges for APCMPC 2021 

Judges for General Category


Megh Roy Choudhury

Megh Roy Choudhury is a Kolkata based wildlife photographer and is professionally an educationist. She started her tryst with nature 7 years back. Photographing bird was the principal area of her interest, but slowly she started taking interest in lesser cats and Red Panda. Her Red Panda images have bagged lots of international prestigious recognitions. She firmly believes that photographic documentation of these beauties will arouse an ardent public interest in nature conservation. Her journey into wildlife journalism started as the Editor of “Wild Sojourns” , an on – line magazine dedicated to wildlife, nature and conservation.
She believes that change is a natural process so instead of resisting it, one should try to change the photographic perspective in accordance to the development of natural resources. She is at present experimenting with different perspectives of wildlife photography specifically shooting habitat and wide angle shots.
It’s a matter of pride for us that one of her Profile images has been put up as one of the ICONS on the website of MACAULAY LIBRARY (a part of The CORNELL LAB),which is the world’s premier scientific archive of natural history audio, video and photograph.
As a wildlife enthusiast, her main aim is to make people aware of the importance of conserving Mother Nature and her beautiful denizens which will create a better world with a peaceful coexistence. For her , it’s conserve or perish.


Bikas Das

Mr. Bikas Das is a veteran photographer based in Kolkata. A self-taught esteemed senior Photojournalist working for the Associated Press since 1989. Started career as a freelancer for Satyajug, a vernacular daily (1977-81) and for The Statesman (1981-89). In his long career, he has contributed to almost all the newspapers and magazines in India. He prefers to shoot people in candid moment in their natural habitats and loves to travel and work in rural areas. Anthropology and History are his favorite subjects. A trained mountaineer, Mr. Das has joined several expeditions and high-altitude trekking in The Himalayas. He also was conferred honorary fellow, Hon. FCOS title from FotoClub of Sibiu, Romania for excellence in Black & White prints. He has won Candid Journalism Photography Award in 2012, 2017 and 2019, UNESCO award 5 times, Asahi Shimbun award 4 times, Nikon award twice, Olympus, FIAP medals etc. to mention a few. Also, his works have been exhibited in 30 countries worldwide. He is a life member of The Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) and The Photographic Association of Bengal (PAB). Mr. Das organized 1st International Color slide Salon in Calcutta on the eastern flank of Hooghly River under the banner of PAB. He is an official X-Photographer and Mentor for Fujifilm in India.

Sagarsagar Boruah

Sagarsagar Boruah

Mr. Sagarsagar Boruah is a renowned photographer from Assam. He is a Canon India mentor and a Canon Explorer of light , a passionate photographer, and the winner of many national and international accolades. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Photography Club of Assam. His lifelong passion and his deep knowledge of photography and his devotion to this creative art is known both throughout India and abroad.

More of his work can be seen here:

Judges for ” Tripura- I love You”


Parthasarathi Chakrabarti

A lot of my learning of photography came from Swapan chaudhuri, who is my brother -in -law in personal life. He is an avid photographer who loves the art of lightwriting. I have taken numerous photo trips with him and have enriched myself with his valuable teaching, knowledge and suggestions. So, when he decided to hold an annual photography competition to encourage photography for the people of Tripura and wanted to dedicate it to the memory of his beloved late mother I was very happy. When he asked me to be a part of it, I felt honored and privileged. I will remain committed to this noble cause for the love of photography and my admiration for this man behind the show. To be amazed just click www.photo.net/photos/Parthasarathi

Badal Majumdar

Badal Majumdar

Badal Majumdar was born and brought up in Tripura. After graduating from MBB college, he completed the 5 yrs degree course in commercial art from Tripura Govt. Art college with high distinction.
Started his professional life in Ahmedabad in 1983 at an advertising agency and worked there for three yrs,
Joined the prestigious V.I.T. museum in Bangalore as an exhibition assistant and worked there for almost 28 yrs to retire in 2014 as the Senior Exhibition Officer.
At present, he is a freelance painter and sketch artist.
Badal loves to sketch heritage buildings and structures and his work is highly regarded in professional circle. Recently ,the prestigious newspaper ‘The Hindu” published an article on him and his work which created a widespread excitement in professional artist circle in India.

Lives in Bengaluru with his wife, Bharati but is planning to shift to Kolkata permanently. His connection to Tripura and its culture is very deep and strong .


Biswarup Ganguli

Mr. Biswarup Ganguli is a freelance photographer based in Kolkata. He was interested in photography from his very childhood, and he later obtained a college diploma in it. He worked as a professional photographer for 31 years with the Govt. on India, ministry of culture. Prior to that, he also worked with the Govt. of Sikkim for 4 years as a photographer. He has contributed to over 40 national and international exhibitions since 1982. Hundreds of his images have been published on various online platforms, newspapers, books, and various other print medias globally. He is a life member of the Photographic Society of Dum Dum- one of the oldest photography associations of India.

This is what he said about his passion for photography.

“To me, photography is a philosophy to portray an object to its fulfilment. When I started photography at a very young age, the joy of finding the distinct attributes and enthusiasm to unveil it through the lens made me immensely passionate about photography. Subsequently, my enthusiasm led me to become an avid photographer- researcher and a lifelong student of the subject closest to my heart.”