Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri Memorial Society (APCMS)
in collaboration with EGARO 

The first ever photography grant of the North-East India

” Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri Memorial Grant “(APCMG)

Award amount : INR 1,00,000.00

This grant will be awarded to one winner annually.

Open only to the photographers of the Seven Sisters of the

North-East India and Sikkim.


A photography grant is an award (generally as cash money) given to a photographer to create a project based series of photographs to narrate a story through images. The project can be based on any topic but generally issues pertaining to a social, cultural, environmental, geopolitical, economical or other relevant pressing matters are chosen.



1) At present this competition is open only to the people of North-East India residing anywhere in the world and anybody from anywhere residing in the North-East India at present.

2) The grant is open to photographers, photo enthusiasts, camera/lens based artists, visual artists working with photography and curators.

3) There is no age limit.

4) Collaborations are eligible (upto 3 photographers) but the contributors have to name an individual as the foreman. The grant amount would be provided to the foreman.

5) Applicants must not have won any other grant in the past two years.

Application Process:

1) Applicants must provide 8-15 images from an ongoing body of work

2) The images can be colour, black and white or a combination of both.

3) If the project includes video, a maximum of two URLs are allowed

4) The following written elements are a must:

a. Project statement: A project statement explaining the project in not more than 300 words.

b. Grant proposal/pitch: A proposal stating how he/she will proceed with the project if the grant is provided to the individual in not more than 350 words.

c. A separate document containing all the titles/captions of the corresponding images.

d. A short biography of the applicant with email address, postal address and phone number.

Please note:– the finished project must be approved by the mentor before it is presented to the judges. 

Image Submission:

1) The images submitted must be of medium jpeg quality and 1500px on the longer side at 72 dpi (Or files should be upto 5MB per image)

2) All the files must be named as: initials of the applicant_image number_project name.
For example if Aarti Reang is the applicant and her project name is Moonlight then the files must be named as:

3) Lastly, the files must the chronologically sequenced as the applicant wants them to be in the edit.

4) Please include the following

a) Your name in full

b) Your full postal address

c) Your Email address

d) Your contact phone number (whatsapp number preferred)

When/Where to submit:

Submit your project accompanied by the images according to the guideline given above.

Submission will remain open from Sept. 1st, 2019 to Nov. 15th, 2019, unless changed by the committee.

Send your project with images to
Please CC to

What will happen next:

1) After preliminary screening, all the selected images with the proposals will be sent to a panel of 3-5 judges for their individual evaluation and scoring.

The names of the judges and some information about them will be available on our website once we finalise the panel.

2)  The photographer with the highest score will be the winner of the grant and this will be announced during our award ceremony of the prestigious “Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri Memorial Photography Competition” (APCMPC).

3) INR 50000.00 will be given to the winner initially to continue his/her project.

4) There will be a mentor selected by the APCM society with whom the  photographer will remain in contact. The photographer will report the progress to the mentor who, if necessary, advise him/her to make changes in his/her project, story and images. The photographer will have the right to accept or reject those suggestions.

5) Within 6 months from  the date of the award, the photographer will complete the project and submit it to the mentor. The finished project should contain 30 to 40 images.

6) Once the mentor approves the completed project- it will be sent to the judges.

Please note:– the finished project must be approved by the mentor before it is presented to the judges.

7) Once the judges approve the work the photographer will be eligible to receive the rest of the award money (INR 50,000.00) which will be given during the next APCMPC award ceremony.

8)  The society will try (but not promise) to archive the project and showcase it for the general population to see the work locally, nationally and internationally.

Please note:

1) After the initial distribution of the award (INR 50,000.00) to the winner he/she will have to complete the project in next six months. The  completed project must be approved by the mentor before it is submitted to the panel of judges for final approval and release of the remaining fund.

2) If the judges find that the submitted project is not up to the mark- the remaining amount will not be awarded. The judges decision will be final and binding and can not be challenged in a court of law.

3)  A project, which has won any previous grant or has been submitted/published anywhere in any form can not be submitted for this grant. None of the images of the winning project can be submitted anywhere else in any form . Previously published, submitted images should not be included in this project.

4) The winning project will become the property of the APCM society but the photographer will retain the copyright of the project/images. The APCM Society will have the right to use the images in any form anywhere they want and if done so the photographer will be informed.

5) All works must be the original work of the photographer. A group project by up to three photographers is acceptable and if won, the money will be awarded to the leader of the group previously selected by them and the name given to the society  during the submission.

6) The society reserves the right to amend, change, cancel the grant at their sole discretion without giving any reason .

Last but not the least:

All the rules and regulations governing the APCMPC  will remain in affect for this grant award.

Please read those carefully before you submit.

Here is the link. Details of rules and regulations.


Please direct further questions/concerns to:


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Amiyaprabha Chaudhuri Memorial Society